OmniSci: Delivering Real-Time Competitive Edge

OmniSci: Delivering Real-Time Competitive Edge

CIO VendorTodd Mostak, Founder & CEO
Businesses find it daunting to analyze data at scale and gain key insights out of them. The investment management industry in particular needs business insights at their fingertips to protect investments and improve returns. It’s only when insights are available in real time that they can reliably mitigate portfolio risks and drive outcomes. Although investment management firms have made huge investments in technologies to collect data, most of them lack the ability to derive value out of them. The traditional CPU-based hardware and analytics solutions are too slow and difficult to scale, and are not powerful enough to analyze today’s big data in a timely manner.

Amid the growing demand for data analytics, technology providers are extensively using graphics processing units (GPUs) to help financial services firms better meet their data analysis requirements. GPUs are accelerating analytics and visualization by providing parallel computing power that is designed for extreme speed and scale. Comprehending the extensive benefits of GPU, forward thinking investment management firms are approaching OmniSci, a provider of cutting-edge analytics platform, to utilize its unique GPU-based analytics technology to overcome the challenges of speed, scale, and real-time interaction.

OmniSci harnesses the massive parallel processing and visual rendering power of NVIDIA’s GPUs to power its technology. Based on technology developed during foundational research at MIT, OmniSci supports data throughput of approximately 6 TB per second on a single server.

OmniSci delivers a speed-of-thought experience for users as they now have the capability to visualize billions of rows and receive answers to questions in milliseconds

This throughput translates into enhanced ability to query and explore—allowing users to ask more questions and delve deeper into the data quickly, as their needs grow. OmniSci delivers a speed-of-thought experience for users as they now have the capability to visualize billions of rows and receive answers to questions in milliseconds. Delivering the speed and power to support interactive, immersive, and engaging user experience, OmniSci analytics platform is changing the way financial organizations conduct operational and geospatial analytics, and big data exploration.

The company also offers native support for geospatial data tightly integrated with its GPU-based rendering engine. The engine allows analysts to perform large-scale, interactive geospatial analytics, while enabling unparalleled visual interactivity for location intelligence use cases. Users can query and visualize up to millions of polygons and billions of points with unprecedented speed. Along with these unmatched capabilities, the company also offers features that allow them to create interactive dashboards, display dozens of distinct attributes, and instantly correlate and cross-filter those attributes that makes data analysis far more insightful.

OmniSci’s solution is engineered for exceptional usability with an intuitive user interface. Leveraging the solution, analysts can graphically represent data in just a few clicks and easily share their dashboards and insights across the business, improving cross-functional collaboration and decision-making. Investment management firms across the globe are reaping the benefits of OmniSci Platform to better understand companies’ performance, assess portfolio risk, and enhance analysis using alternative data.