Top 10 Alternative Data Solution Providers - 2018
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Top 10 Alternative Data Solution Providers - 2018

Real-time, differentiated and reliable information is key to staying ahead, and in today’s ultra-competitive trading environment, knowing first is more important than ever. In this context, alternative data sources have opened new possibilities that were unimaginable probably a decade ago. Utilization of alternative data from myriad sources has immensely benefitted many participants and their respective organizations.

Adding structure to unstructured alternative data sets is helping to bring much-needed information into sharp focus for traders and investors—giving them the earliest indication of breaking news, real-world events, and emerging trends as they happen, and not after the fact. Thus, several leading lenders these days have been seeking the assistance of alternative data experts to exploit the benefits of various unconventional data formats to the fullest to render better service and amass higher returns.

Since the assistance of alternative data vendors is the need of the hour for most financial institutions today, our editorial board indulged in a comprehensive study of such promising expert firms globally today. The efforts of the members of this eminent panel have resulted in this edition of our magazine, which comprises of Top 10 Alternative Data Solution Providers who have carved a niche for themselves by delivering unique solutions. In the recent past, these vendor firms have garnered significant visibility for tailoring enterprise-specific solutions to many reputed enterprises and we hope it helps enterprise bosses in pursuit of experts.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Alternative Data Group The Alternative Data Group API provides structured company information from unstructured merchant transaction data or domain names
ARM Insight Provider of payments-based business intelligence solutions, transaction-based analytics, programs, and big data solutions
Crux Informatics Offers data processing services, financial services, and capital markets to acquire usable data faster while helping firms find, explore, and transform data with ease
OmniSci Providing GPU-based analytics technology to investment management firms to overcome the challenges of speed, scale, and real-time interaction
Preqin Provides in-depth data and research to support a global client base in fundraising, investor relations, asset allocation, fund manager selection, and business development
Quandl Offers essential financial and economic data alongside a suite of unique, alpha-generating alternative datasets
QuantCube Technology A specialist in real-time predictive analytics based on massive unstructured data
RavenPack A big data analytics provider for financial services
Sentieo Provides an investment research software suite that uses AI to scan financial documents, analyze alternative data sets and create visualization
Thasos Group AI platform that transforms real-time locations from mobile phones into objective and actionable insights on the performance of businesses, markets, and economies globally