QuantCube Technology: Mastering the Art of Prediction

QuantCube Technology: Mastering the Art of Prediction

CIO VendorThanh-Long Huynh, CEO For every organization, regardless of the size, the ability to correctly predict the future is critical to sustainable growth and evidently, the very existence of the business depends on it. With the exponentially growing computational capabilities, the questions around predicting the future have changed from “possibility” to “accuracy.” How accurately can we predict the future? The answer lies within the vast amounts of historical and real-time data and the ability to harness useful information from the same. While efforts toward extracting precise information from data have been intensified over the past two decades, a whole new breed of startups today is taking a fresh approach to surpass the current offerings through unparalleled precision in predicting the future. One such leading innovator in this ecosystem is QuantCube Technology, an AI startup and provider of real-time macroeconomic and financial predictive analytics based on massive unstructured data. Through big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and its talented team of multilingual data scientists, QuantCube Technology makes highly accurate predictions of numerous future events, from the price variation of commodities, economic growth figures, to the fluctuation of stock markets and outcome of political elections.

Since its origination in 2013, the startup has been processing heaps of heterogeneous and unstructured data elements in real time from various sources such as social networks, blogs, e-commerce websites, weather forecasts, and satellite imagery to enhance its advanced analytics capabilities. QuantCube Technology has developed predictive macroeconomic and financial indicators especially for the financial institutions, government agencies, and large corporates. To be precise, they provide strategic economic information in the short term for various investment strategies, in the medium term for macroeconomic forecasts, and the long-term, for the predictions of geopolitical risks.

Uncovering Greatness from Data

What was initially a Fintech startup focused on developing the next generation of investment strategies, has now become a cross-sectoral R&D company. Three years back, the company was repurposed to extract value from all types and sources of data, while being at the forefront of analytics innovation and advocating for ethical use of the data. QuantCube Technology combines technology, data science and business expertise with most advanced AI algorithms to provide corporates and major institutions with real-time accurate, actionable, and strategic economic intelligence.

QuantCube Technology makes highly accurate predictions of numerous future events, including the price variation of commodities, economic growth figures, and the fluctuation of stock markets

Regardless of the industry or the type of data, QuantCube Technology’s AI-powered solution provides intelligence, which enables businesses to make the best decisions.

For several years, governments and large financial institutions all around the world have been struggling to harness and deliver relevant and timely macroeconomic measures. Presently, the indicators provided by official institutes are mostly delayed, inaccurate, and discontinuous while in use. In order to address this situation, QuantCube Technology has created a series of predictive macro indicators called “Global Macro Smart Data.” The sole purpose for designing the macro indicators was to fulfill the long-held ambition of its founders: using the unexplored potential of algorithms and data to estimate fundamental macroeconomic indicators in real-time and predict their evolution. What fuels this development is QuantCube Technology’s ongoing extraction and analysis of vast amounts of data from various heterogeneous data sources including social media, consumer reviews, products prices, satellite imagery, and private corporates. The company’s diverse set of data warehouses ensure the extreme precision of their forward-looking indicators by crossing multiple data sources. Furthermore, QuantCube Technology leverages its top-notch big data infrastructure to update its macro smart data, which can be visualized at any time through a dedicated web dashboard or API data feed for real-time, continuous integration and monitoring.

Fusing Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Finance

QuantCube Technology has been one of the first companies to build a portfolio of uncorrelated investment strategies solely powered by AI analytics on unstructured data. The company’s team of experts in financial markets and AI has infused their knowledge to build the next generation of investment strategies. The innovative investment solution is powered by analytics performed on alternative unstructured data sources and is dedicated to sophisticated investors with a desire to increase their portfolio diversification and seize upcoming global market opportunities. QuantCube Technology’s proprietary Data Warehouse stands as the backbone of the investment solution that processes massive, heterogeneous, and unstructured data, which helps in maximizing the winning opportunities and building investment strategies that are completely unrelated to the traditional strategies based on market data.

These investment strategies have been proved to deliver superior absolute returns, outperforming benchmarks with a high Sharpe ratio, and limited risk. Architected for global customers, the solution’s indicators can be used for powering systematic investment strategies for multiple asset classes (Equity, Commodities, and Credit) and markets (US, Europe, China, and GCC). In addition, its natural language processing (NLP) algorithms can analyze various feeds and comments from social media and blogs in 13 different languages, giving a better understanding of local markets.

The company has also launched the “QuantCube Big Data Financial Index”—a Financial Index solely based on the analysis of alternative data—in 2013, reflecting their ambition to set the cornerstone of the next generation financial products. For the past three years, the QuantCube Index has been consistently outperforming the benchmark index (S&P 500). Rebalanced every six months, the QuantCube Big Data Financial Index is composed of the top ten stocks from S&P 500, according to their analytics performed on massive unstructured data from various online sources. Despite being one of the first solutions that the company developed, the QuantCube Big Data Financial Index stands today as the symbol of QuantCube Technology’s ability to innovate and find alternative opportunities to generate alpha (asset’s return on investment compared to the risk-adjusted expected return).

Leading the Investment Game

QuantCube supports a global and diverse client base with offerings including macroeconomic analysis, investment analysis, real-time analytics, and data visualization. Carving a roadmap for the future, Thanh-Long Huynh, the CEO of QuantCube Technology said in an interview, “Our ambition is clear: we want to establish ourselves as a global leader in AI within the financial ecosystem. We have all the resources and support we need from these high-quality investors to expand internationally. Our aim is to open subsidiaries in the United States and the Middle East by the end of 2018, and in Asia at the beginning of 2019.” In support of this international expansion, QuantCube Technology also plans to strengthen its operations and equip its arsenal with more number of data scientists, and technology teams.

"QuantCube Technology’s AI-powered solution provides corporates and major institutions with real-time accurate, actionable and strategic economic intelligence to make the best decisions"

QuantCube Technology has completed a Series A funding round of $5 million from rating agency Moody’s Corporation and Five Capital, and Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Holding Company. As the pace of technology recommences its expeditious innovations, QuantCube continues to distinguish itself by offering powerful analytics using AI and algorithmic processing to handle a wide variety of data, and uncover future, all in real-time.

- Arijit Sarkar
    December 20, 2018