RavenPack: Easy Access to Actionable Data

RavenPack: Easy Access to Actionable Data

CIO VendorArmando Gonzalez, President & CEO
Growing data complexity and the rampant demand for quick, actionable business insights has paved the way for cutting edge analytics solutions built to meet the scalability needs. The demands are more so in the financial services industry that is witnessing widespread digital adoption. RavenPack, a data analytics solutions provider for financial services industry, helps investors overcome the challenges posed by the growing volumes and varieties of data. The company’s solutions transform unstructured content into a format that can be easily analyzed, manipulated, and used in financial applications. The speed and accuracy with which RavenPack analyzes large amounts of unstructured content is proving to be immensely beneficial to the financial professionals. The start-of-the-art solutions offered by the company allow clients to enhance returns, reduce risk, and increase efficiency by systematically incorporating public information in their models or workflows.

Transforming unstructured big data sets such as traditional news and information from social media into structured data, RavenPack Analytics helps financial services firms improve their performance. RavenPack Analytics is a holy grail that enhances the success of hedge funds, banks, and asset managers. The analytics solution addresses clients’ requirements that range from generation of more alpha to effective risk management to reduction in false positives in market surveillance to generate trading ideas.

The company’s RavenPack News Analytics (RPNA) delivers real-time structured sentiment, relevance, and novelty data for entities and events detected in the unstructured text published by reputable sources.

RavenPack discovers news and generates insights using more than 40,000 listed stocks from the world’s equity markets. Therefore, clients get the confidence of data from reputable content sources as RavenPack ingests newswire content from Dow Jones, Wall Street Journal, and web content from over 19,000 online sources. The company’s solution also automatically monitors published content to identify and alert users about key scheduled and unexpected geopolitical, macroeconomic, and corporate events taking place around the globe. RavenPack makes use of both traditional natural language processing (NLP) and proprietary techniques to apply entity-specific relevance, novelty, and sentiment scores to all events in news articles. The fact that all news articles are assessed within milliseconds of receipt and the resulting data is immediately diverted to users, is the highlight of the value proposition delivered by RavenPack. Quantitative and algorithmic traders, automated market-makers, portfolio managers, risk managers and surveillance analysts are actively reaping the advantage of RPNA to enhance returns and improve efficiency. The company’s service spans across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

RavenPack discovers news and generates insights using more than 40,000 listed stocks from the world’s equity markets

RavenPack today is helping fundamental and discretionary investment firms gain an edge in the market from alternative data sources. “They use our latest tools to search across news, social media, and other textual content to generate insights for investing and trading stocks, risk management and compliance,” says Armando Gonzalez, President and CEO, RavenPack. With Gonzalez at the helm, the company is now analyzing the challenges faced by the buy-side in using artificial intelligence (AI) and financial companies’ current advancement in successfully incorporating these new technologies into their workflow. The company is striving to delve deep into various types of data sets that are most critical to them. In the coming years, RavenPack aims to gain more knowledge on the future of AI and the way technology experts perceive data science evolution in the finance sector.